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  1. Stiffy360

    Douglas Fir Trees 1.0

    A collection of 6 Fir Trees of various sizes. It's recommended to use -staticproplighting -staticproppolys and -textureshadows for light calculation. Vrad Entries for texture shadows. forcetextureshadow props_forest/tree_douglasfir01a.mdl forcetextureshadow...
  2. Stiffy360

    Aspen Trees 1.0000001

    A collection of 6 aspen trees of various sizes. Includes summer, autumn, and dead varieties. It's recommended to disable self shadowing for the props, and use -staticproplighting -staticproppolys and -textureshadows for light calculation. Vrad Entries for texture shadows. forcetextureshadow...
  3. Rhamkin

    Logwash rc4

    Welcome to Logwash! Fight over an ordinary lumber mill in the Rocky Mountains. Any reports of secret doomsday weapons are completely and utterly fabricated. This map features interior and exterior gameplay, submerged areas, and interesting verticality around the control point. And don't forget...
  4. 14bit

    Minor Contest #4: TFConnect [Upload Thread]

    Main Thread | Upload Thread | Results End date: December 7th, 2022, 2:00pm EST (19:00 UTC) Submission Procedure: Create a download for your map in the downloads section of the site Post a link to your map's thread in this thread before the deadline You will have up until the gameday begins...
  5. Stiffy360

    Scotts Pine Tree Pack 1.0

    Early Preview of a Park Ranger Pack I'm working on. Comes in both a normal and a winter version.
  6. Stakan VoDki

    A desert full of interesting things 2022-07-23

    The heavy one is standing on the altar while the spy is doing something. helped with this Baron | Skull DemoPanovich skyyfine
  7. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Pineway a1

    Welcome to Pineway! 72hr Arena Map
  8. Ismaciodismorphus

    Woods_tree_01 snowy cool

    Messing around with qc files was nightmare but a learning experience. Anyways enjoy this snowy version of the woods_tree_01 prop!
  9. mixa

    The Last Tree a6

    This is my first map, i think i did a good job, there are quite a few trimp spots, not really a lot of flank routes, its quite open. Some parts were inspired by viaduct and some by harvest. Also the cp hologram is way higher on the tree. There are some texture issues but they dont really affect...
  10. Captain Cactus

    Wildwood a1b

    A 5cp map that uses Sean Heyo Cutiono's jungle assets.
  11. Asd417

    Sequoia Skycards from Highwood 2019-03-15

    This is the skycard used in pl_highwood I've included the source file so feel free to change the color to fit your map. Credit would be appreciated.
  12. Gravidea

    Model I need apples, apples galore! (Apple Health Pack and Model)

    To start off; full credit will be provided in the map's information and on the map if you make stuff for the map. Thanks for checking this out in advance! I'm working on a map that needs a few things in it... Mostly having to do with apples. -Small health Pack model that is a singular small...
  13. Stiffy360

    Stiffy's Palm Tree pack 2018-04-03

    A series of palm trees made for Team Fortress 2. They have collisions and some variants. There are 4 sizes for each model, skybox models, and variants with and without coconuts. Textures by Void
  14. Diva Dan

    Tall thin pine trees 2.1

    Hi! This is a small content pack that'll be updated as time progresses. (A few examples) Below is a to-do list of what I plan on adding. More tree variants, such as different amounts of leaves Dead tree variant Trees of different heights Treesway skin Snow skin Prop skycards EDIT...