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  1. Rhamkin

    Logwash rc5

    Welcome to Logwash! Fight over an ordinary lumber mill in the Rocky Mountains. Any reports of secret doomsday weapons are completely and utterly fabricated. This map features interior and exterior gameplay, submerged areas, and interesting verticality around the control point. And don't forget...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Tundratown v3

    Its Timbertown! but oh no big industry has arrived! Rio Grande coal has set up a coal mine in the Blu district with The binski logging company shredding their way through the Red district. Clearly the only way this corporate war between front companies can end is a game of soccerhockeybasketball...
  3. thysponge55

    cp_backwoods b3

    Welcome to cp_backwoods (yes, it's a pun) An early version of my fourth TF2 map. Contains: The classic, symetrical 5CP experience. Open middle, with breakable (and broken) windows. Flank routes, as well as main choke-points. Good sentry spots, heavy-holds, sniper lines and spy flanks...
  4. cooljpeg

    Vineland A1

    A King of the Hill map based in a grove of redwood trees that has become home to a timber-inspired feud between two notorious subsidiaries of TF Industries. With the Capture Point placed atop the stump of a redwood, this map is designed around the idea of (quite literally) fighting an uphill...
  5. NTMonsty

    Pine Tree B1

    I decided to recreate my first playable map Pine Hill in a manner that made it smaller and easier to navigate. This map is a Capture the Flag map set in a large logging site, where the RED and BLU teams fight over documents related to log extraction, as they hold "Amazing powers". This map...
  6. Fellelin

    Koth_logging 2

    hi there, i am a complete newbie, this is my first map wich i truly put effort in, i am definetly not a master of skyboxes and graphics, but i want to see how people will judge my map, the common theme is, that the map is a logging camp that explains the abundance of wood and planks, red is the...
  7. ProfHappycat

    cp_fivefourths a5

    my 2nd map on tf2maps, cp_fivefourths! a symmetrical 3cp map made for the 72hrs TF2 jam (although i never entered it) if you're wondering where the name is from, it's from a gorillaz song called 5/4