Logwash rc5

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-Changed the Lumber Yard Shed so it looks prettier and plays better
WELCOME TO RC4!!! (idk if its the final version)
-fixed lighting stuff
-added some more detail
-added skybox douglas trees so it looks more like a forest
-added funny signs made by ZEUS (not the actual god lol)
-drank some cappuccino
-fixed the doors
-fixed stuff feedbacked by Tf2maps (thanks yall!!!)
-small bug fixes
-redid detail on the small shacks by the lake
-added GRASS so the cows dont die of hunger
-added a pile of wood chips
-improved detail
-made the map a yee bit more pretty
-sadly i hid the cat that was on the train
-added some ambiend triggers
fixed cringe stuff i did
map pretty now
-gameplay and some detail changed by megapiemanphd
-fixed a bunch of issues that MEGAPIEMANPHD told me aobut (THANK U PIEMAN!!!)
-fixed a clipping that would let players leave the map (ty Fiddleford!!!!)