Logvalley b9

Another map to shoot robots

  1. Simulacron
    MvM Logvalley is the first mvm map I made.
    It's set in a yukon-forest style an takes place in a facility that was owned by Red but is now part of Mann and Co.

    I already started detailing and there are no dev-textures left, however some places will be further detailed in the future.
    At the moment the map hasn't been playtested very much, something I want to change now.
    Because of this I have no idea how balanced the missions are at this point, as I haven't been able to playtest with a full server to this point.

    20180330101620_1.jpg 20180330101523_1.jpg 20180330101507_1.jpg 20180330101457_1.jpg 20180330101449_1.jpg 20180330101439_1.jpg

    Feel free to leave feedback on anything (layout, detailing, mission,...). I appreciate your input!

    Map made by Simulacron (aka Shanghai_Minion)
    mvm_logvalley_b8_normal.pop made my Sergeant CrWhips

    Have fun playing!