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  1. Burger

    Timberfort a1

    First ever TF2 map, uses assets from the construction pack (particularly the wood textures). Welcome to timberfort, where everything is made out of wood! Watch out for splinters!
  2. radarhead

    wood_beam variants 1

    Color variants of wood_beam01, 02, and 03 to match other popular wood colors: Extract and place in tf/custom. Credit is appreciated, but not mandatory. Leave a comment if you want to see something added or changed!
  3. Ðoge

    Variety of Wall Holes 2022-07-25

    Different holes with different materials made be me without custom stuff, only build in game materials and props. Use on any of your maps, credit or don't credit me, gonna leave it for your will. May enlarge collection in the future. P.S. ignore black rocks on some screenshots, it`s a problem of...
  4. ☘️NACHO_

    CNC TF2 Logo - Summer Jam Entry 2022 2022-07-24

    First time donating and participating in the TF2Jam. I'm glad to be a part of the event! Hope everyone is doing well in 2022.
  5. Pdan4

    Pdan4's Piney Park Pack Part 1

    The first entry into a series forming a small pack, ushering in the pastoral and forested scenes of the USA's national parks with pine trees. Part 1 features over 76 alternate-color wood textures.
  6. AlexEatDonut

    arena_testinggrounds a3

    Something i've realized when making maps is that terrible maps are favored for community servers instead of actual good maps. So i made this threw away dump pile of tin can code quickly in hope of catching some mge kid's attention by making a map that is bad, bad, unbalenced, bad, untested and...
  7. r0nii

    wooden platforms v1

    wooden platforms that were made and also are used on the map called od_canary. fun fact. wood_platform04c.mdl were also made for od_canary but it was never used.
  8. Asd417

    Sequoia Skycards from Highwood 2019-03-15

    This is the skycard used in pl_highwood I've included the source file so feel free to change the color to fit your map. Credit would be appreciated.
  9. ganglyste@m

    koth_riverwood a3

    a king of the hill map above a river. the main point is on a bridge inspired by the first point on mossrock
  10. Rock_

    pl_woodrock A1

    Couldn't get all the features I wanted into the map because I had even more time constraints than the 72 hours, but the map still turned out decently. Shout out to Superchuck/CJ for some much needed help! Here are some pictures: P.S. Unfortunately the Payload UI doesn't work, and Im...
  11. Flareblood

    cp_herrigare_a1 2018-07-24

    This is CP_Breezy, but closer to what I'm hoping to turn it into. Probably shouldn't have added so much detail to the bridge so early, but meh.
  12. Bakscratch

    Wooden Doors v2

    A set of 3 (1 mirrored) wooden door. Complete with 8 different skins. -------------------------------------------- They do contain specular map if you do not want this, feel free to just comment the "$envmap" & "$envmapmask". -------------------------------------------- Please don't decompile...
  13. Simulacron

    Logvalley b9

    MvM Logvalley is the first mvm map I made. It's set in a yukon-forest style an takes place in a facility that was owned by Red but is now part of Mann and Co. I already started detailing and there are no dev-textures left, however some places will be further detailed in the future. At the...
  14. Jukebox

    Destructible Wood Fence 2017-08-07

    MDL files for a wooden fence, including pieces of the fence broken. Includes: WoodFence_Destruct_1 WoodFence_Destruct_1_Broken WoodFence_Destruct_2 WoodFence_Destruct_2_Broken WoodFence_Destruct_Post WoodFence_Destruct_Piece1 WoodFence_Destruct_Piece2 WoodFence_Destruct_Piece3...
  15. Fellelin

    Koth_logging 2

    hi there, i am a complete newbie, this is my first map wich i truly put effort in, i am definetly not a master of skyboxes and graphics, but i want to see how people will judge my map, the common theme is, that the map is a logging camp that explains the abundance of wood and planks, red is the...
  16. Stiffy360

    Lair a6h

    Version a6h of lair. Pretty much every point on the map has been redone a significant bit.
  17. Tumby

    Themed Wood Beams And Walls + Model 1.0.1

    Files included: materials/tumb/wood/beam02 to 10; .vtf and .vmt materials/tumb/wood/wall03 to 10; .vtf and .vmt materials/models/props_tumb/wood/beam01 to 10 and wood01 to 10; .vmt models/props_tumb/wood_support/wood_support_01 and 02; .dx80.vtx, .dx90.vtx, .mdl, .phy, .sw.vtx and .vvd Info...
  18. Billo

    PL_abandonedWoods RC10

    pl_Abandonedwoods is a Mayann Map If you like to kill Subscribe to it If you Hate Been Killed Like It and If you Like Likes Or Something Add it to favourites thats all
  19. Pocket

    Smooth wood floors 2016-02-26

    Based on Timberghost's original cherry wood floor in Precipice and his 2010 Artpass Contest entry and modified from the original source files, here are seven, count 'em, seven additional colors of wood to choose from: Basic brown School gymnasium gold Dark reddish Tan like oak or maple I guess...