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launch A4

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launch A4

blu team are invading a red "radar base" to stop them from launching a rocket

blu team are trying to stop red from launching a rocket.
red are trying to hide their rocket by making the place look like a radar base. (dident work well sense blu team is here.)
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    in a winter war. red and blu has a... war...
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    a payload map with a junction. thats controled by a capture point.
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Latest updates

  1. the "more fixes for A. +some small detailing"

    *changed the flank at A to an an actual flank *more signs *removed the cubby spaces at C *added soundscapes *changed cap times *added abit of oob detailing *its been too long i dont remember much more
  2. the *just needs some better A point* update

    *lowered the floor in the tunnels under A point *reduced the hill at A point. *removed 2 shutter doors *moved the rocks at A *moved the shutter-less door to be covered by the rock i just mentioned. *added more signs. *changed the barriers at C...
  3. the *honey i shrunk the map* update

    things that changed *the map got shrunk. 'the A point courtyard 'connections after A 'C point 'lowered B point "spire". its still quite tall. *blu spawn and forward spawn got a new lick of paint. now you can tell that its a...