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  1. Ledlwz

    Looteo a1

    A gorge style attack/defend map
  2. YDA1610

    HillTower 2021-08-29

    Hello, and welcome to HillTower, Enjoy your Fight! Welcome to HillTower, The Heaven of Snipers and Soldiers.
  3. The Marxinator

    cp_skyway_seiban_b1 b1

    A linear symmetrical CP map with three points. Each team controls one side objective by default. There is a central objective which must be captured before the opposing team's point may be captured. A skyway extends over the central objective linking the side objectives. Only a door separates...
  4. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    cp_under A2

    A small Control Points map taking place under Viaduct. The map is pretty simple at the moment, but the outcome of the match HEAVILY depends on how you Attack/Defend. A can be captured by Blu pretty easily, unless Red finds a good strategy. Opposite for B. Blu needs to push in as a team to cap...
  5. VanderCat

    Sea Point b1a

    That's my first map wich i can upload, and share. Made with prefabs and library Credit to: A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack AlexCookie's Small Prefab Pack v1 Midlou's Pickup Timer V2 Ravidge's Lighting Library 1.0 Necrσ, Mercenary Park Prop Library V1 Dusk till Dawn...
  6. JoshyDEWstive

    Aida A17

    CP_AIDA CP_AIDA is my very first single stage three point control point map that I felt confident enough to release while it is in development. It loosely follows the general S or curved shape layout, but due to my lack of great design it's more of a straight line then a curve, however it is...
  7. vulduv

    launch A4

    blu team are trying to stop red from launching a rocket. red are trying to hide their rocket by making the place look like a radar base. (dident work well sense blu team is here.)
  8. Sor

    Sidero A6

    5CP nothing to really say here, very generic.
  9. Nivag

    How to make a 3CP gamemode?

    I'm trying to make a map with three control points, but I have no idea where to start. I've made the layout of the map, but I have no idea where to go or how to start. It's a gamemode similar to cp_warmfrost, btw.