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  1. Tiftid

    cp_fragment _a2

    A very rushed A/D map made to catch the very end of the 2022 72hr jam. @Sarexicus helped. Thanks!
  2. Plainz

    GravelBlow a9

    BLU invades REDs something because it's bigger than their something
  3. Tiftid

    cp_bruhstbowl _b6

    Now available on the Steam Workshop! The 72hr map I was destined to make. A 2-stage A/D map. Only the second stage was made for the 72hr contest. I intentionally made the first point of the second stage way too close to BLU spawn. Why? I wanted to see if I could make it work. Also, a while ago...
  4. Tiftid

    [GUIDE] How to make a good Attack/Defense map

    Attack/Defense - and, by extension, Payload - have always been my favourite gamemodes in TF2. They probably always will be. I couldn't really explain why, it's kinda like they just nail TF2's gameplay so well. You select one of a few routes to go down in order to attack the enemy team, and you...
  5. Tiftid

    cp_icytouch _a1a

    A Gravelpit-type map. The biggest problem with Gravelpit historically is that RED abandons A since it's easier to defend B, since BLU has to take B anyway. And historically there has also been a solution to this - to make it so that BLU can go ahead and take C after either A or B is capped...
  6. Itspice

    Nuclear a2

    an attack defense/capture the flag map where blu team must retrieve pump codes from the red team's base to reactivate the coolant to their nuclear reactors. in the last version people got lost so I took away an unnecessary route and posted a bunch of signs.
  7. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    cp_under A2

    A small Control Points map taking place under Viaduct. The map is pretty simple at the moment, but the outcome of the match HEAVILY depends on how you Attack/Defend. A can be captured by Blu pretty easily, unless Red finds a good strategy. Opposite for B. Blu needs to push in as a team to cap...
  8. Dupiter

    Torment Town a2

    A Halloween themed Attack/Defense map. It features fortune telling, MERASMUS! himself, a secret room (don't tell anyone!) and 2 control points.
  9. Moonly Days


    My small map made in 66 hours. Inspired by my vacation on the sea.
  10. vulduv

    launch A4

    blu team are trying to stop red from launching a rocket. red are trying to hide their rocket by making the place look like a radar base. (dident work well sense blu team is here.)
  11. anthonydfrancis

    cp_proudfoot a3_fix

    This is my first map, so any feedback is appreciated! The first control point activates a payload which blows open an underground passage when it gets captured by blue. In the end, it's probably gonna involve some Frontline stuff.
  12. DrSquishy

    cp_rosche B6

    A Goldrush themed 2CP A/D map, and now a collab with, formerly adopted from, and now a collaberation with, @Xayir This map was initially known as Akim, during Alpha This map is now in Beta, so all and any feedback about visuals and gameplay is greatly appreciated!
  13. Drahkonos

    JSA A2

    My 1st (and weird!) map, Frontline powered ! It's a 3-CP Attack/Defense map that take place in a real location. A is outside, B underground and C in the RED building. The outside is completely copied on the Panmunjom's border in South Korea, but the insides are all on my own ideas. Thanks ! :)
  14. samjooma

    Snow Train a1

    An attack/defend map with 2 control points. Blue team is trying to take control of a train track in the middle of a snowy forest.
  15. samjooma

    CP Nuclear Shipment a4

    This is an Attack/Defense map with 2 control points. The second control point is based on the map I made for the 72hr Jam. I'm not completely sure of the map's theme yet, and the name of the map might change too. Screenshots: (Outdated!) Path from Blu spawn to A Control Point A Indoors...
  16. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Multi Stage Secret lab b1

    Hey, welcome to secret lab. Here we .got a development of next generation. Here works wonders. If you want to get to chemical departament, you need to go through the control room and panic room, go upper at elevator, go to third floor and next to the security room takes place chemical...
  17. Harritron

    Multi Stage Meltdown B2

    A Multi-Round Attack/Defense map that takes place in a Unfinished Nuclear Facility. A crisis occurs when BLU Members attempt to sabotage the nuclear reactor. They have damaged it significantly (aka, core meltdown imminent), but RED team still defends. If they succeed, they will save their...
  18. GooGuGajoob

    cp_wartorn - Abandoned Frontline A/D concept.

    This is a short-lived A/D project I did for Frontline. It never made an alpha release, though I think CP1 has something neat about it that I hope someone could use. It was intended for 3 stage A/D. I'm willing to collaborate if you need help with your Frontline map, otherwise you've got...