Lair A6

Virtual Duality

  1. the ambience update

    +reverted layout back to the old 'straight' format, rather than the 90 degree turn
    +added extremely basic 3D skybox
    +added custom soundscapes
    +added additional props
    +added a bunch of ambient sound effects
    +added additional route to and from last, connecting to upper battlements
    +extended defender respawn time when defending last
    +changed positions of some props
  2. 90* cooler, baby!

    +Reworked the mid point, and rotated half of the map by 90 degrees
    +Added soundscapes (more work to come to these in future)
    +Changed skybox texture to the one used in the TF2 VR level for accuracy
  3. The amphibious update

    +Reworked multiple points in various manners, details below
    [Points A and E moved forward, small platform with consoles added in its place. Croc tank added in place of the drop-down zone in front of the point.][Points B and C moved outside, in now in the 'garden' area, which now a playable space. Redid the displacements and props in this area, and added Croc pit.]

    +Extended capture time across all control points
    +Fixed a bug related to forward spawn rooms
    +Blu now has a...
  4. The 5CP update

    +Added 2 additional control points, located in each teams atrium.
    +Tweaked locations and quantities of health/ammo kits
    +Added defender high ground for last
    +Added additional forward spawns, used after capturing the atrium and attacking last
    +Optimised clipping on many props
    +Lighting improvements
    +Added some additional signs
    +Fixed a bug related to areaportals

    To come:
    Custom announcer
    Layout changes
    Respawn time changes