Laborde a16

Process inspired pl map with a cliff

  1. yeeeeeeehaw

    -added flank for blu at last
    -fixed door to C
    -adjusted a spawn time
    -adjusted health/ammo
  2. oh yea we overhauled a lot

    -moved C
    -overhauled C
    -overhauled last
    -added new routes into last
  3. HDR

    -fixed fullbright lighting
  4. courtyard

    -overhauled blu spawn courtyard
    -added spy buffs
    -removed red spawn before C
    -adjusted stairs into last

    this version tests and verifies whether or not I need to redo C and last completely
  5. C

    -added route for blu at attack without getting snipped at C
    -adjusted blu routes into B
    -added HDR
    -removed props on last
    -updated health/ammo drops
  6. little things

    -remove route outside red forward spawn
    -updated lighting
    -removed crates that could make op sentry spot
    -fixed glass not being rendered
  7. yes2

    -change red spawn logic A-C
    -red now spawn in one location with 3 doors that close when route is captured
    -reworked A routes into point
    -gave blu risky but worth while woute into A
    -removed stairs from red on A
    -removed route on A benefitting red majorly
    -added doors that close so red cannot over power blu when points are captured
    -gave blu high ground on last
    -gave red more defendable area on last
    -gave blu another route into last that risky but can help attack
    -gave blu new forward once C...
  8. yo I did things

    -"fixed" spawn times
    -adjusted health/ammo kits
    -extended first courtyard
    -fixed displacements
    -added upper route for blu on B
    -removed high ground route for red on B
    -made one way for blu coming out of B
    -fixed lighting
  9. update spawns

    -fixed respawn times
    -adjusted ammo
    -fixed clippings
    -fixed chicken wire not rendering
  10. update

    -added route for blue entering A
    -added flank route coming form A to B
    -fixed door clipping
    -adjusted health/ammo pickups
    -moved red first spawn door so players head to front of map and not last
    -fixed various doorframes
    -fixed displacements