Laborde a23c

Process inspired pl map with a cliff

  1. small things

    -moved and adjusted health/ammo
    -added little room to help with rotating around A
    -added flank from A to pre-b
  2. crashing

    -"fixed" crashing that I cant do anything about that much
    -fixed weird shadows
    -moved health and ammo kit from middle of path
  3. routes

    -added easier for flank for blu on last
    -adjusted sentry prop on last
    -added new flank for blu on C
    -reworked A flank
    -added more health to C
    -tweaked ammo on last
  4. Sightlines

    -Optimized a little
    -fixed some sightlines
    -removed crate sentry

    looking for more gameplay feedback before a23
  5. little but important things

    -adjusted ammo kits
    -added sign
    -made playable and non playable areas more obvious
    -fixed a couple of sightlines
    -fixed displacements
    -removed stairs for A flank
    -adjusted respawn waves
    -moved props on last slightly for out ranging a sentry
  6. yessah

    -added flank on A
    -raised flank on last
    -added the "safest spot to store your goods"
    -added a room to prevent players from getting denied at last
    -added stairs on last
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  7. oh its a big one

    -reworked entire last
    -added another forward for red because the map is large
    -adjusted respawn times
  8. C connector

    -added route for A attacking
    -overhauled choke from C to Last
    -added health/ammo
  9. B

    -added flank route on B
    -made windows one way at A
    -moved red forward for B
    -force respawning for red once A is capped
    -added health kits
    -added props to allow for spy maneuvering on A
    -adjusted lighting
  10. Been a while

    -Overhauled A
    -adjusted lighting
    -overhauled last (I think)

    Its been a while. I forgot where I left off and need fresh feedback. Right now im debating redoing B entirely as well as the connectors from A to B and B to C. The next test will hopefully verify my thoughts as well as testing the new A.

    I also might add a hallway with spawnpoints at last between the last CP and outer courtyard to place red closer to C and add props approaching A from B for spies to be able to sneak around better.