koth_uxmal _a8

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koth_uxmal _a8

This is my first TF2 map, i know its very bad but im just learning to mapping :P

Hi, im AdriaLOL, im from Spain and this is my first map called koth_indev, its a King of the Hill map very similar to Viaduct. I have to say that its not perfect because i haven´t got any experience of mapping yet, im just learning how to make TF2 maps.

I accept constructive criticism and i apologize for my really bad english.
Hope you like it!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 8

    Just Fixed a Leak
  2. Alpha 8

    -Removed a "Bridge" for fixing an op sightline -Now the Mid Building is only accesible to soldiers, demos, winger scouts, and detonator pyros. -Changed the layout of one of the buildings
  3. _a7 (Now Packed)

    Forgot to pack the map, lmao