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  1. gamerchungus27

    koth_canary a1

    Welcome to the abandoned coal mines of New Mexico! Here you'll enter into the mines, and be able to go down through the abandoned shafts of the mines to capture the objective. (Currently still graybox as I am still balancing the map)
  2. Mercia

    Metanol A3 (fix2)

    Two teams fighting in a facility filled with explosive barrels to the brim. I think that kinda fits TF2's themes and silly humour. This is my first tf2 map. ~~~ Overwiew image:
  3. ElixBun

    Paradiso Gameplay_01

    This is a King of the Hill map with a tropical theme (still in whitebox, so no pretty visuals yet). The map is generally ring-shaped, with a large pond in the middle. The capture point is on a small island in the center, connected by bridges to the ring-shaped exterior of the map. I designed...
  4. AdriaLOL

    koth_uxmal _a8

    Hi, im AdriaLOL, im from Spain and this is my first map called koth_indev, its a King of the Hill map very similar to Viaduct. I have to say that its not perfect because i haven´t got any experience of mapping yet, im just learning how to make TF2 maps. I accept constructive criticism and i...