koth_kouhai _a4

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koth_kouhai _a4

A viaduct-like map with a japanese theme

This is my second attempt to make a map, my first map was complete trash, as espected.

Hopefully i dont screw up this time

koth_kouhai is a japanese themed koth map inspired by sujin, sulfur and viaduct
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King of the Hill
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  • koth_uxmal
    This is my first TF2 map, i know its very bad but im just learning to mapping :P

Latest updates

  1. Alpha 4

    Minor Changes: Moved some stairs on the point Moved some Healthpacks Added some Healthpacks and Ammo Changed some small Healthpacks into Medium ones Changed the roofs underside into brushes Added some playerclip on some doorways Added another...
  2. Alpha 3b "Electric Boogaloo"

    Apparently, the gongs crash the server, so i replaced them with some lanterns. Nothing more unfortunately
  3. Alpha 3

    Minor Changes: Fixed small RED Spawnroom Added some barriers in spawns Remade some stairs Reduced Brightness on some lights Optimized the skybox Major Changes: Changed some rocks into a building Added a death pit at one side of the map...