koth_uusi a5

A new king of the hill map with a unique layout.

  1. blk.cfg
    My first map was cp_ionize for the summer 2016 72hour tf2 jam. But I was not happy about the end result. So I made this map! I learned a lot from the shitpile that is cp_ionize and I decided to make a new map from the things I learned. Keep in mind that this is an alpha map and I have been working on this version for many month now so hopefully, it would be worth the wait. This map was inspired by several maps. koth_probed, koth_viaduct and koth_moonshine.
    Feel free to leave feedback, thoughts and opinions of the map in the comment section of this post, and have a nice evening. uusi1.jpg uusi2.jpg uusi3.jpg uusi4.jpg uusi5.jpg uusi7.jpg uusi6.jpg uusi8.jpg uusi_thumbnail_tf2maps.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. a5
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  3. Alpha 5 (Might have skipped some versions)