72hr Jam 2022 cp_ionize_a1 alpha 3

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72hr Jam 2022 cp_ionize_a1 alpha 3

A 5cp map with a rather unique layout made for competitive play.

This is the first public map I have ever made for team fortress 2. It is some what smaller than I expected but personally I dont think it is such a bad thing. This is a five control point map with a process like theme. This was made with help from this great resource pack: /http://tf2maps.net/threads/ultimate-mapping-resource-pack.4674/
This map was made with competitive 6v6 in mind for the summer 2016 72 hours tf2jam. Keep in mind that I will keep on changing the map based on feedback and personal opinions. This is a work in progress. Also be sure to rate! :)
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Latest updates

  1. cp_ionize_a3

    I updated a ton in a3 but not enough in my opinion. This is my first team fortress 2 map so dont expect it to be so great. Though my submission to the summer 2016 72 hour tf2jam is not that great as I would want it to I am happy I got to...
  2. cp_ionize_a2

    New alpha version for the map cp_ionize_a2. I am sorry that there are no pictures of the map as the website wont accept the images I have saved. Perhaps I can fix it later, but for now I will continue to update the map.