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koth_trafficked a3a

A simple KOTH map with trains.

A simple, compact KOTH map including trains that activate when either team caps the point. Looking for feedback on layout, sightlines and train explots/bugs.

The goal of this map is to refresh myself of the techniques and aspects involved for level design in the source engine, including lighting, sound and game theory. The draw of this project is a compact, viaduct-esque layout combined with an environmental hazard: a pair of commuter trains on either side of mid, that are deployed when a team captures the point. The aim of the inclusion of the trains are to dynamically balance the difficulty of defending the point; a train will only deploy on the side of the map that captured it, making it harder to navigate to the point for the defending team while also providing cover for the attacking team.
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King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. alpha 3 ver. a

    The following changes have been implemented: >modified brushwork and clipping to alter layout and sightlines >modified train logic for efficiency >added doors to spawn rooms >added warning lights for trains >modified health & ammo placement...