koth_metro a4

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Taking into account all the feedback from here, TFTV, and friends, I've made a number of significant changes.

  • Moved the right-most route to point further right and tweaked the surrounding geometry.
  • Moved the left most route to point further left and tweaked the surrounding geometry.
  • Redesigned the house/closed area from the ground up to be more open.
  • Redesigned the catwalk attached to house/closet area - now leads towards point.
  • Redesigned spawn rooms and exits.
  • Redesigned spawn courtyard to be more open and interesting, and to discourage spawn-camping.
  • Redesigned routes out of spawn courtyard to be more distinct.
  • Fixed and issue with the point not unlocking.
  • Added and repositioned props in point area.
  • Added high ground to left side of courtyard.
  • Added elements to block overpowered soldier/demo bombs.
  • Added elements to better illustrate where jumpers can fly over.
  • Added basic props where relevant to player movement/gameplay.
Any further feedback would be appreciated!