KOTH_Advantage A4.2

A small and chaotic KOTH map with a secondary objective that gives an Advantage.

  1. The Signage and Elevator Update - FOLLOWUP

    I Darkstar X
    -Added some cool pipe props to the central chamber because it was easy to doooo
  2. The Signage and Elevator Update

    I Darkstar X
    -Reworked the elevator in the pipes to operate via a shootable button.
    -Shortened the pipe path from spawn DRASTICALLY
    -Added sign overlays to help guide players to the center chamber
    -Fixed map leaks in spawns
    -Fixed texture clipping in pipes. Hopefully all of it, though I might have missed a few.
  3. The Texture Update - HOTFIX

    I Darkstar X
    -Fixed clipping brushes
    -Fixed broken geometry
  4. The Texture Update

    I Darkstar X
    -Moved/Added Lighting
    -Removed Skybox
  5. The Ventilation Update - HOTFIX

    I Darkstar X
    -Added team-colored lights to the Secondary objective
    -Fixed BLU-side Duct access blockage
    -Fixed Ledge-clinging on Skybox.
  6. The Ventilation Update

    I Darkstar X
    -Added new path with pickups, lighting, textures, and FOUR connections to the map.
    -Fixed some lighting
    -Fixed some clipping
  7. KOTH_Advantage

    I Darkstar X
    -Added Props to Control Room
    -Added Props and changed lighting in both Spawn Rooms
    -Moved lighting in stairs and furthest stair-access
    -Fixed clipping textures at both Spawn Rooms' doors