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KOTH_Advantage A4.2

A small and chaotic KOTH map with a secondary objective that gives an Advantage.

The first of (hopefully) many before I figure out Attack and Defend as well as events and custom voice stuff.

KOTH_Advantage is so named because of the secondary objective located on the second floor above the point that closes half of the opposing team's access points to the main point. This can easily be subverted by grazing the secondary objective, as I could not figure out how to give it a capture time.

When these doors close, fear not! You can still crouch-walk down form above or rocket/sticky/whathaveye -jump over the doors since they're only high enough to keep non-winger-wielding Scouts out, and of course the rest of the enemy team.

Additionally, there is a sizeable underground area consisting of eye-strain-inducing orange octagonal pipes. This is connected via a complex one-way mechanism, otherwise known as a hole in the floor, to each team's spawn. They also have an elevator device that can lift flanking players up to the control point area on the other team's side for a deadly strike or a sneaky point-steal.


20171028115522_1.jpg 20171028115641_1.jpg 20171028115708_1.jpg 20171028115726_1.jpg 20171028115744_1.jpg 20171028115842_1.jpg 20171028115851_1.jpg 20171028115903_1.jpg 20171028115924_1.jpg 20171028115934_1.jpg 20171028115954_1.jpg 20171028120016_1.jpg 20171028120059_1.jpg

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Latest updates

  1. The Signage and Elevator Update - FOLLOWUP

    -Added some cool pipe props to the central chamber because it was easy to doooo
  2. The Signage and Elevator Update

    -Reworked the elevator in the pipes to operate via a shootable button. -Shortened the pipe path from spawn DRASTICALLY -Added sign overlays to help guide players to the center chamber -Fixed map leaks in spawns -Fixed texture clipping in pipes...
  3. The Texture Update - HOTFIX

    -Fixed clipping brushes -Fixed broken geometry