Kelly b6a

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Kelly b6a

Short and fast ctf

You guys know who Ned Kelly is right?

A map for the Pick-it-up contest thing

ctf with a round timer and an overtime mechanic. If both teams have the same score when the round ends, everyone respawns and the flags move near mid. The next team to cap wins. Overtime lasts 2 min and if no one caps during Overtime it's a stalemate. This idea is somewhat inspired by overwatch's ctf mode and the map layout is somewhat inspired by the overwatch ctf map Ayutthaya.

the map is overall kinda small in an attempt to get players to actually play the dang objective for once.

-Layout and detailing: MegapiemanPHD
-SFM beta textures: Valve
-custom computers: ASG_Alligator
-Hedge: Zoey and Square Frontline Pack
-Computer Screen Bank: Void
-space robot - trey the punkid
-airport props - MaccyF
-more bathroom signs, moon panel fix, globe statue - Zeus3005
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. we don't talk about this one

    -uploaded the correct file
  2. big hero up front killing everything

    -removed more custom content to decrease file size -rearranged mid to make more paths through it along with more interesting geometry -moved around health and ammo kits to help support attackers -changed the staircase by spawn behind the intel...
  3. Why, what is the purpose of this?

    -removed some custom assets -ripped out my ctf logic and replaced it with pont's CTF Timer logic -changed around paths on the far side of the intel room to try and make it easier to get into the intel room and easier to attack sentries in there...