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72hr Karelia a7a

suomi mainittu

  1. Viemärirotta
    5cp rotational map I did for the 72hr jam in 47 hours. It's set in a Finnish town in Karelia during the Winter War.
    I haven't really based the layout on any 5cp map, but I have taken inspiration from Shoreleave for the mid bridge.

    20170330205016_1.jpg 20170330205027_1.jpg 20170330205034_1.jpg 20170330205041_1.jpg 20170330205048_1.jpg 20170330205101_1.jpg
    20170325175412_1.jpg 20170325175427_1.jpg 20170325175449_1.jpg 20170325175508_1.jpg 20170325175521_1.jpg 20170325175530_1.jpg 20170325175807_1.jpg 20170325175832_1.jpg

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