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  1. Sonoma

    Looking for a collaborator for my Pyroland themed map Candyland

    I'm looking for someone to help collaborate on making a layout for my Pyroland themed multi-stage payload map (Candyland), I'm currently iterating on the 1st stage, but I am struggling to come up with the layout for the next two stages. This is an unexplored theme, and it is a huge undertaking...
  2. Emil_Rusboi

    Emil Naty MC22 a1

    Microcontest 22 collab entry by me and Nat-Tea
  3. áûë áû òû ÷åíëîâå

    72hr Jam 2022 Ludwig Lebeau | Slime Rancher X Team Fortress 2 1

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ English In the distant future... The brave Ludwig Lebeau went on a journey to a Far, Far Range...
  4. Sarexicus

    72hr Jam 2022 Downrush a1afix

    for 72hr 2022 collaboration on map & mission with @Tiftid what if mvm, but flowing water? take exactly what you would expect with that and just... ...go with the flow.
  5. Tiftid

    koth_tiftidtown _a2

    For microcontest 19, me and zythe each made one half of a koth map, each unaware of the other's progress. Out of the two of us, I definitely made the less sane half. Please try to enjoy it.
  6. Yoshark

    DergFerret a3

    A collab map between @YoshiMario and @Mâché , aiming for a chin layout style ctf map. Custom dragon posters by @YoshiMario Custom Ctf timer stuff by @pont Logic dropped in a3 Mid made by Yoshi, Bases made by Mache
  7. toopliss

    Pollock a3

    An alpine themed payload map where BLU is trying to deliver some unknown substance to RED. Collab between Toopliss and @200 for the Payload Checklist Contest. Layout mostly by Toopliss. Logic work done between Toopliss and 200.
  8. OctoBlitz

    Kahoalii a9e

    Trouble in Paradise... Kahoalii is a Payload map set on a Red controlled island, disguised as a tourist hot spot and resort alongside the Hawaiian islands. This map was designed for the Tf2maps Payload Checklist Contest, by Octoblitz and Xelily The Current checklist items this map featured: ✓...
  9. Mazata

    Mapper with good detailing needed!

    Hello there! I didn't really know where to put this but I'm searching for a mapper with good detailing skills for my new project, the project being an overhaul of the map cp_junction. My plan is to create cp_junction_event. Yes! Junction is the worst map in the game, but I'm also planning on...
  10. Ixy

    Mercs Crossing the Delaware 2017-08-07

    SFM/PhotoShop collab between myself and Duckdog (AKA Leeman). He did all the SFMing and I did all the PhotoShoppery. This was kinda last minute, so it's not as finished as I would like, but hopefully good enough for the jam! Original painting is Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel...
  11. Tumby

    Calico b1a

    This map was made for the Mappers vs Machine contest. It features your standard hatch being attacked from four possible routes. The two main paths are going on top one another. Tanks may open up another doorway for the robots to pass through. There is also some sewer water and an old water silo...
  12. BeepSterr

    72hr Jam 2022 koth_3007_3way_a1b a1b

    A Unguided 3man collab started when there were 30 hours and 7 minutes left (3007). It's bad. Collaborators: Sco-Manno - Made Mid Dr. Zomboland - Made Blue Spawn
  13. Zloykotara

    Looking for a collab for a jungle themed map

    Hi so im looking for a collab. Im pretty bad at making a layouts, but i could sertantly make a map look pretty. So idea for the map visuals is that a control point will be at dig site and there will be a temple on the right of the map and the underground tunnels on the left side Also the...
  14. obodobear

    Model Looking for some more props again

    There are some more props I'm looking for on my map, I have already looked through the game file props for them and haven't found what I'm looking for. I need it to look almost the same since it is based off of another game and I want it to look as authentic as possible. If anyone knows where...
  15. obodobear

    Looking for some people to collab, or just help teach me

    So for the longest time I've wanted to make a tf2 map of treasure town from pokemon mystery dungeon time/darkness/sky but have never really been serious about it until now. I made some sort of ugly starting thing and know some of the basics like applying textures spawn rooms skybox ect. but I...