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- Added multiple textures
- Bringed back cave (made by Zythe)
- Added details (thanks Zythe)
- Fixed respawntimes
(Minor update fixing the custom content that didn't packed because of compiler crash)
- Changed last lobby to make it longer
- Reworked foward spawn logic to have teleporting, no one way doors and a resuply.
(Minor update fixing compile mistake)
- Reworked 2nd point zone
- Reworked bridge lobby
- Removed highground
- Opened both sides of the room under near mid point
- Changed respawn times
- Added a Tonemap controller (i've forgoten about it)
- Raised roof in second's bridge lobby
- Fixed skin of 2nd point
- Changed mid forawrd spawn location
- Added new packs emplacements
- Fixed a sightline between 2nd bridge lobby to under mid access
- Added some covers on 2nd
- Added a small stair on the bridge
- Added Soundscape
- Removed jumpads where they were on main path
- Modified main path between 2nd and last
- Modified last lobby for better navigation
- Moved last forward spawn entrance
- Moved 2nd foward spawn location