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An interesting, risky and hazardous KOTH map!

  1. sans.
    A normal King of the Hill map, originally intended as a joke map.

    20170227211215_2.jpg 20170227211240_2.jpg

    * 4 sawblades at the exit of each team's spawn;
    * A burning area with some spilled oil in front of each team's spawn's tunnel exit;
    * Many sniping spots :) ;
    20161225140549_2.jpg 20161225141223_2.jpg 20161225141256_2.jpg 20170227211557_2.jpg
    * A secret underwater pathway to the control point;
    20161225140715_2.jpg 20161225140722_2.jpg 20161225135859_2.jpg
    * An explosive surprise at the end of the round. ;)

    Cap the point to start the 3.5 minute timer for your team - yes, a longer one, obviously for more immersive fun TF2 has always featured!

    Spawncampers, be aware of the hazards that are awaiting you in the enemy team's spawn. Those hungry blades and fire flames are more than ready to slice and fry you all!

    Those who stay longer on the battlefield will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the control point, with a little surprise.

    --Playtesting and feedback needed.--


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