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  1. Diva Dan

    Bonesaw b6b

    Welcome to Bonesaw! This is a Payload Race map set in a neigh-apocalyptic forest, coated in ash and burning from the inside out. Red's floorboards and walls are full of embers, and Blu's base is twisted from the hot steel. No smoking allowed! The Mann Brothers have had their souls trapped...
  2. FancySnacks

    Double Barrel Flaregun [72h Jam] Alpha 1.0

    Double Barrel Sawed Off Menacing Flaregun for Pyro, do I need to say more? The downloaded file replaces Flare Gun in-game Heavily WIP, needs an actual texture, animation work and some modelling fixies Only started to work on it 10 hours before the deadline as I couldn't start earlier and...
  3. ManDrew53

    Flame Foiled War Paint 1

    I had planned this warpaint for a long time but never had the time or motivation to create it. It was originally supposed to be a version of the Brain Candy warpaint, but black and white while also having skulls on it. It was going to be called Skull Candy, but It evolved as I worked on it for...
  4. DeathZac

    The Pyro 1.0

    This is just some Art I made for the event. It features the pyro and its view of the world when it burns it all down. It isn't amazing, but it's there for fun!
  5. Capp

    Zinc a5

    An industrial pd map with a koth layout. Will it work? I hope so because i put one hell of a lot of effort into this.
  6. [TH] S

    Cold Winter 2021-12-19

    This is my poster I made for the 72hr jam. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  7. 14bit

    14bit MC17 A1

    A PLR map made in around 16 hours for MC#17: Earth, Wind, and/or Fire. Featuring: Slow payload elevators (Earth) Jump pads designed to make players collide in mid-air and fall into lava (Wind) Fireballs on a sections of rollback track with a 0.3X speed modifier on the carts (Fire)
  8. 14bit

    Microcontest #17: Earth, Wind, and/or Fire

    Welcome to Microcontest 17: Earth, Wind, and/or Fire Do you remember? The microcontest last September? Well, there actually wasn't one. But there was one in August 2020 based around including water in your maps, so today we're getting all the rest of the elements out of the way! Make a map...
  9. noobtoob

    Hell Farm b4

    Hell Farm is a Halloween King Of The Hill Map filled with tons of super spooky Halloween tricks and gimmicks! -------------------------------------------------------- -Special thanks to 2th and Fossil
  10. Ismaciodismorphus

    Templeruins v2

    Features! -14 Player controlled traps -5 independent traps -3 Ending choices! 50/50, Humiliation, And a melee fight against a powered up death! -Anti idle mechanics for both-sides -A motivator
  11. ♥Muffet♥

    Pyro discovers their Magic 2017-08-05

    While the Pyro was doing things they discovers that they can summon fire out of their hands.
  12. ambersonic96

    72hr Pyro-time 2017-02-11

    I love the TF2 character design and I wanted to try to summarize how I see the Pyro. Did that work out? Hope so :D Keep it up TF2, awesome game ;)
  13. sans.


    A normal King of the Hill map, originally intended as a joke map. Contains: * 4 sawblades at the exit of each team's spawn; * A burning area with some spilled oil in front of each team's spawn's tunnel exit; * Many sniping spots :) ; * A secret underwater pathway to the control...
  14. PokemonTrainerWesley

    HELP NEEDED Problems with Water and Fire

    So time to ask about another problem. When I run my map, ALL OF THE WATER is invisible. Even if it isn't touching anything. (as shown by pictures of me swimming in the air) However, when you go into the water, it looks like you're actually underwater. I've tried using cubemaps, but those didn't...
  15. Alaxe

    How Do I Spawn A Projectile?

    In my map that I am working on, I want to have projectiles fire out of specific points. Such as rockets, flares, arrows, ect. I was hoping to have the "projectile shooter" have options to fire at varying times..... or something like that. Hopefully something like this is possible. Dodge ball...
  16. Grubzer

    Custom fire and smoke particles Reupload

    Custom particles for your frontline map! You can freely use them in your map Pack contains three particles: frontline_custom_flame - just fire frontline_custom_fire - frontline_custom_flame but with smoke frontline_custom_smoke - smoke from foundry, but ~16 times bigger
  17. Ploomutoo

    CTF: Temple 2016-04-24

    Welcome to CTF: Temple, a rather small flag-capturing map. At the core of the map is a classic "layer-cake" style temple, with a densely forested area at the foot of its spire. Most action will take place on the main bridge, but flank routes are available, so that lighter classes can access the...
  18. Ploomutoo

    Payload: Sacrificial 2016-04-24

    Disaster! Blu Team unknowingly stole a cursed artifact from the lost civillization of Mayanns! To free themselves from the curse, they tried throwing it into a volcano! But they did not realize that the artifact was fireproof, and laid unharmed at the bottom of the volcano! The Red Team noticed...
  19. Viemärirotta

    Elemental Pack should be a thing [idea]

    Imagine if there was an asset pack dedicated on certain kinds of map themes. Kinds that requires really elemental styles. Like Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. Stuff like whirlwinds, geysirs, earthquake or volcano. Wind would include greyish neutral scheme stuff, Earth greenish stuff, Water blueish...