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  1. Linxy

    Particles appearing in 3D skybox when it's not supposed to.

    I'm working on a halloween version of badlands (koth) for me and a friend, and I added the hammer_souls_rising particle about 460 units above the capture point, but for some reason they also appear off in the distance where the 3D skybox is placed outside the map. I tried raising the skybox in...
  2. wersady

    Unusual Effect: Sunny Day 7/24/2022

    ---Installation--- Copy the "wersady" folder to "Steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/materials" In steam, right click TF2 and hit "Properties..." In the launch options, add "-tools -console" Now, launch TF2 and the tools editor should be open. Select Tools -> Particle Editor, then File...
  3. Tappy the Pyro

    Unusual: Mondrian dream 2022-07-24

    an unusual effect. contains: mondrian_face (texture) mondrian_line (texture) unusual_mondrian (particle)
  4. Exactol

    Steam Engine Particles v1

    Particle Names: steam_engine_clean steam_engine_clean_sparks steam_engine_dirty steam_engine_dirty_sparks steam_engine_fire See example map for usage (requires TF2 Emporium Vehicle Prop Pack)
  5. XEnderFaceX

    Broken Particle?

    Hey, I want to use the Isotope Unusual Effect in my Halloween Map, but for some reason there's a weird Green line that shoots out of the Origin. What am i doing wrong? (there is no env_wind on the Map) Thanks in advance.
  6. Glebotron

    Enchanted Weave

    Glebotron - Particle Work Caesar Roll - Promo
  7. Exactol

    Fireplace particles v1

    Particle names: fireplace chimney_smoke See fireplace_fx.vmf for example usage Made for erk Chimney example map made by erk
  8. Exactol

    Vent particles v1

    Vent particles Particle names: vent_steam_square vent_steam_square_slow vent_steam_square_cold vent_steam_circle vent_steam_circle_slow vent_steam_circle_cold vent_smoke_square vent_smoke_square_slow vent_smoke_square_cold vent_smoke_circle vent_smoke_circle_slow vent_smoke_circle_cold See...
  9. The_Gl!tch.exe

    [Solved] Help with testing unusual effects

    Hello there, I want to test my custom unusual effect with itemtest but I have a problem. The particle itself is finished and there's also an empty superrare_beams1 particle in the same pcf file with the custom effect as a child particle. However, I can't do anything if I switch from tool mode...
  10. soviet spycrab

    I'm having particle problems

    The (wartime_barrel_explo) particle from the frontline pack, for some reason my game can't find it. Any suggestions?
  11. Limta Roulence

    ERROR unusual effect 1

    This year i decided to make something different than poster, so i pick up an idea from concept of error unusual effect from reddit post here so credit to this guy for his concept
  12. Yrr

    Jump Pad Prefabs a1

    In order to make it easier for mappers to create jump pads for their maps, as well as to provide some consistency between them and their visual language, I have created a set of particles and prefabs to use. jumppad_64a - 64x64 base, blueish steam jumppad_64b - 64x64 base, brownish dust...
  13. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Unknown game crash with sv_pure 2

    Hello there, Whenever I start my map in TF2, I type sv_pure 2 in the console and load the same map again, everything works fine. But, whenever I load a different map when starting TF2 and load my map with sv_pure 2, the game crashes. This is the first map I'm working on which has custom...
  14. Exactol

    Leaf Particles v1

    leaf_orange_medium_slow leaf_orange_medium_medium leaf_orange_medium_fast leaf_red_medium_slow leaf_red_medium_medium leaf_red_medium_fast For use with: Leaf textures made by Berry.
  15. Exactol

    Fireflies 1

    particle names: fireflies_512 fireflies_256 fireflies_128 fireflies_64
  16. XEnderFaceX

    Particle bug

    Hi, for some reason there is a particle in the 3d skybox, only the one that is closer to me is actually in the Map is there a fix for that? Thanks
  17. Fewer

    Just trying to add Rain

    I'm fairly new to mapping and for my first map I'm making a little koth map in using Sawmill's art style. I've got almost everything in place, and I downloaded a decompiled sawmill to help myself out, check wood textures, get the necessary props, that sort of thing. I noticed sawmill is rainy...
  18. Lampenpam

    I need someone to fix my particle effects.

    So I have two particle effects, that don't work as intended and need help by someone with experience to fix the issues as I have barely any knowledge about the particle editor at all. This are the two effects: The issues: 1: the orientation of the pentragram is...
  19. Lampenpam

    Custom particles won't show up.

    A friend made two custom particle effects for me but they won't show up in game and the console reports " Attempting to create unknown particle system 'pop_parent' But I'm pretty sure I didn't make a mistake setting them up. This is how my files in the tf folder look like This is how they look...
  20. ISPuddy

    Cinefx_Goldrush_Blue 2017-06-18

    the most used explosion particle in tf2 CINEFX_GOLDRUSH now it has blue color.