jump pad

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  1. zythe_

    zytif a3

    collaboration with the bruh legend @Tiftid
  2. Aapelikaeki

    Chateau A1

    This map is a port of Chateau Guillard from Overwatch. Custom content used: Tumby's merasmus statue and The Frontline! pack
  3. krizej

    td_longest_yard a1

    Longest Yard is a deathmatch map. I wanted to make it FFA, but TF2's friendly fire system is broken so it is team deathmatch. Deal with it. It is made using dev textures, I quite like how it looks that way - the gray tiles fit the space vibe pretty well (although I should have used some more...
  4. SunriseWatchWater

    Minecraft JumpPad A1

    - A King of the Hill Map with a minecraft theme. Type Map Minecraft JumpPad, you're the all jump pads. that's are through with a jump. Custom Assets: The Frontline Supply Drop Jump Pads Prefabs More Vehicles Computer Screen Bank
  5. Yrr

    Jump Pad Prefabs a1

    In order to make it easier for mappers to create jump pads for their maps, as well as to provide some consistency between them and their visual language, I have created a set of particles and prefabs to use. jumppad_64a - 64x64 base, blueish steam jumppad_64b - 64x64 base, brownish dust...
  6. N

    Overtopolis A5

    You can play this map 24/7 on my server. IP: Welcome to the grand city of Overtopolis! A sprawling Team Deathmatch map that will send you plummeting to you death laughing a thousand times! To score points on Overtopolis, kill players or capture the opposing team's control...
  7. Monke

    Updraft A1

    Introducing Koth_Updaft! Ever want to bounce and catapult across a King of the Hill Map? Well now you can! Blending the "Jump-Pads" of the passtime gamemode with the King of the Hill play-style, Updraft majors in vertical mountains and treacherous pits! Do you have what it takes to survive a...
  8. Billo

    jump pad

    well someone and i thank him gave me an idea for my project skyfortress and that is a jump pad if you read the title before :D but i can't find how to make it work. i tried trigger_push , Trigger_catapult and trigger_apply_impulse nothing. maybe i do something wrong could someone tell me how can...