Isotope Final

Back in time, baby

  1. The 'Final' update

    Due to how I originally made the map I don't think I can go much further without completely remaking large chunks of the map, so this is it.
    NOT RC, just final. (may work on it in future)

    +Fixed several visual bugs and displacement issues
    +Reduced flag return timer from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
    +Added return time to flag after self-destruct
    +Fixed announcer spam

    Also, here's a video

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  2. The 'gameday' update

    This update was pushed out for a gameday so only has a few changes

    -Removed the small ammo packs on top of the mid buildings
    Engineers had too much metal supply for setting up in this area, making upgrading and maintaining their buildings too easy for the position you're given.

    /Changed one of the small health packs on the walkway above mid to a small ammo pack
    There was too much health in the area, and with the removal of the nearby ammo packs, not enough ammo...
  3. The 'smol' update

    +Fixed some bugs
  4. The 'beta' update

    Finally, beta!
    Now that I feel like I have nailed down the gameplay, future updates will mostly focus on the look of the map rather than making significant layout changes.
    Speaking of significant layout changes:

    +Added additional route from garage to canyon highground
    This area is very chokey, and I often saw players group up around this area a bit too much. This new doorway enables easy access to highground for attackers in the garage so should help create...
  5. The 'fixed' update

    +Improved clipping in various locations
    +Fixed the 'final stretch' events from working correctly
  6. The 'trimmed' update

    -Removed the 'trainyard' area directly before the capture point
    While being an interesting fighting area, it didn't add much to the map as a whole and didn't make much sense being there aesthetically.

    -Removed the alternative ground-level route into/out of the capture point
    This route was barely used, and didn't provide much use for attackers.

    -Replaced hut on the canyon highground with an extension of the canyon highground
    Again, wasn't used very...
  7. The 'miniature' update

    +Improved consistency of forward spawn activation

    That's all.
  8. The 'forward' update

    +Added forward spawns
    With the increased length, getting to the enemy base took quite a while, and made it very difficult to push. This new forward spawn activates after the flag has passed the enemy connector building, halving the distance needed for attackers to travel.

    +Added score tracker
    Now, the team with the highest number of captures will win. Getting 3 captures will still insta-win the round.

    +Reduced flag reset timer duration during overtime from 3...
  9. The 'timed' update

    +Added small section in canyon for defenders to reach highground
    It often felt like a chore to get to the highground if you had not initially chosen the route to lead you there. This in-between point should help the flow considerably.

    +Re-added team timer to flag
    I properly got it working this time, so it's back (again). The flag will now belong to the team who possessed it last for 5 seconds before becoming neutral. It will then reset to the spawn point after...
  10. The 'point' update

    +Completely reworked the capture point and spawns
    It was often difficult for players to capture the flag as the defenders spawn was so close to the capture point as well as it being located in a choke. There's many changes to go over so I won't mention them here, but they are pretty obvious from the screenshots below.


    +Reverted bomb back to being neutral immediately after being...