Isotope Final

Back in time, baby

  1. The 'timed' update

    +Added small section in canyon for defenders to reach highground
    It often felt like a chore to get to the highground if you had not initially chosen the route to lead you there. This in-between point should help the flow considerably.

    +Re-added team timer to flag
    I properly got it working this time, so it's back (again). The flag will now belong to the team who possessed it last for 5 seconds before becoming neutral. It will then reset to the spawn point after another 5 seconds.

    +Reinstated overtime
    Overtime is back, but will end upon the flag resetting, which only takes 3 seconds to happen upon being dropped, belonging to the team who held it last for only 1.5 seconds.

    +Fixed several voiceline-related bugs

    +Fixed sever bugs related to the waiting for players period

    +Improved overall prop lighting

    +Clipping improvements

    +Minor texture changes

    +Minor performance improvements
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