Isotope Final

Back in time, baby

  1. The 'detailed' update

    Detailing changes:
    +Added lots of extra detail-based props and geometry to the map
    Working off of the minor detailing changes I made recently, i've altered some more textures and placed a very large number of props here, there and everywhere. I did however focus on the transition buildings in particular.

    +Major displacement improvements
    I've done a lot of work on the side wall displacements in the canyon and mid to look more like the cliff walls of hydro, now looking rougher and bumpier overall.

    +Added many additional decals
    These include tyre tracks in the canyon, signs in the transition buildings, and more.

    +Added a large window to the boiler rooms canyon entrance
    This is mostly detail-based, but it does add some extra visability so who knows, may be useful gameplay-wise.

    +Added inaccessible 'detail' rooms to the transition buildings
    Check 'em out, they're pretty neato

    Gameplay changes:
    +Added a 'self-destruct' mechanic

    I occasionally saw in gameplay that people would hold the flag for a very long time without making much advancement into enemy territory. This, I then realised, could let a player throw the game by taking the flag and reaching a position too difficult for the enemy team to attack, such as directly outside of friendly spawn, thus ruining the game for everyone. This mechanic has been implemented to combat that, and should only rarely be seen in normal gameplay.

    Holding the flag for 2 minutes without dropping it now causes the bomb to explode, resetting to its original position. The explosion damages ALL players within a small radius. A warning and alarm is given shortly before detonation, encouraging the user to drop the flag or make a last-second push.

    +Added cover on a section of the canyon high-ground.
    I noticed that the most common route for players to take after exiting spawn was to immediately head towards the small high-ground alcove in the canyon, then to the boiler room high ground. This I feel gave defenders too much accessibility to the high-ground, which is targeted more towards the offenders. To fix this, I've added a small concrete barrier along the edge of the alcove, and another at the high-ground exit of the boiler room. Both are topped with security fences. This not only provides attackers with more cover and better offensive ability, but also prevents defenders from reaching the alcove as easily. (scouts can jump over the barrier just fine however, so watch out)

    +Added attacker voicelines for 'the final stretch'
    Previously, bringing the flag into the 'hazard area' would only play a voiceline for defenders, warning them of an imminent capture. Now; a voiceline also plays for attackers informing them of their progress. This should prevent attacking players from thinking the bomb is near their base when the alarm sounds. (Alarms still plays for both teams)

    Also, we're on the workshop, baby!
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