Isotope Final

Back in time, baby

  1. The 'boxed' update

    +Improved skybox
    These are just some visual changes to improve the atmosphere of the map, there's still a lot of work to be done.

    +Changed dynamic respawn times
    It felt a bit too difficult to push into the enemy territory given the distance you need to travel and the instant pickup having now been implemented, so I've changed the respawn times to strongly benefit offenders.
    Attacker respawn time (max): 9 seconds, previously 12
    Defender respawn time (max): 24 seconds, previously 18

    +Changed round timer mechanics
    With the frequent stalemates from past playtests, I have once again changed the round timer settings.
    Starting time: 15 minutes (same)
    Added time on capture: 5 minutes (same)
    Maximum times: Unlimited (up from 20 minutes)

    +Raised 'ceiling' in mid
    I've removed the player clip 'ceiling' in mid, and made clipping improvements around the area to accommodate this. This change was made due to more vertical playspace in the area compared to the canyons, and you would often hit your head when attempting to use vertical movement abilities in this area.

    +Minor texture improvements


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