Isotope Final

Back in time, baby

  1. The 'fast' update

    Garage/Boiler room:

    +Increased floor space on the top walkway and garage floor

    It often felt like there wan't quite enough room to smoothly traverse this area, this change should help (floor space on the high ground beside the truck has been reduced)

    +Replaced fan props with vent props
    The fan, being a mercenary park prop, didn't quite fit the 2007

    Mid and Canyon:

    -Removed all joshua tree props from gameplay area
    these props tended to clutter the area and didn't have the best clipping

    +Retextured areas on red's canyon

    needed more redness


    -Removed the 'team' timer on the bomb
    To increase the overall pace of the map, the bomb now instantly becomes neutral when dropped, rather than after 15 seconds. This encourages a more offensive playstyle and discourages solo pushes

    +Increased the initial timer length from 7 to 10 minutes
    Should help against stalemates, as they were still occurring after the last update. (time added on capture is still 5 minutes, but maximum time has been increased to 15 minutes (from 10))


    +Fixed misc bugs
    +Fixed some overlays

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