Isotope Final

Back in time, baby

  1. The 'expand' update

    Storage/Boiling buildings:

    +Removed many walls
    I had many complaints that these buildings were too chokey/claustrophobic. With the removal of these walls the buildings feel much better to fight in and less enclosed.
    Before and after shots here

    +Made red side more... red
    I felt like there wasn't as much distinction between the red and blue sides as needed, though this should fix that

    +Added doors to the large entrances to mid
    With the changes to these buildings, a rather extreme sightline was created. The doors should help cut this off.

    +Changed several other textures
    There wasn't enough variety in the textures of these buildings, this makes the space feel much better and expressive

    +Added some extra detail

    +Changed some lighting positions
    Related to the building changes

    +Added several ambient sounds
    Primarily prop based (fans, boilers, etc)

    +Added awnings above windows
    Snipers had a bit too much free reign here, especially against jumping classes. These awnings should help restrict their capabilities, if just a little.


    -Removed some nature and other excess props
    Some props in this area were simply unneeded, and complicated the area a bit too much

    +Added a miniature control point underneath the bomb spawn location
    The single piece of paper just wasn't cutting it, this should signify the spawn location better

    Canyon/Final Stretch:

    +Alarm sound now plays for the duration of when the bomb is in the 'hazard area'.
    Previously the alarm only sounded once, when the bomb entered the area. It now sounds continuously as long as the bomb is within the trigger. (the voiceline still only plays once per trigger)

    +Added shake effect to capture
    This shake effect should better help signify that an explosion has occurred, and help show defenders that the bomb has been delivered.
    (planning to add a 'point scored' effect in future for the same purpose)

    +Clipping improvements


    -Spawn now only has one resupply cabinet, down from 2
    This change should increase the time it takes for engineers to set up and maintain a nest directly outside of spawn. Additionally, the new resupply cabinet is located in the centre of spawn rather than beside a spawn door.

    +Added new spawn area, where players spawn.
    This is the first stage of my spawn detailing, adding some height variation in spawn and providing more room for improvement

    +Added windows above spawn doors

    Mostly a ambient/detail based change, though it does create some good opportunity for strategy

    +Increased opening speed of spawn doors
    Players moving at speeds slightly faster than scout would often hit the doors before they were able to fully open, this change should now allow even charging demoknights to get through the doors smoothly


    +Respawn times shift dynamically based on who owns the bomb
    Lengthened respawn times for defenders, lessened respawn time for offenders (the specific times in question are likely to change frequently)

    +Halved time it takes for bomb to reset/become neutral
    The 30 seconds it took for the bomb to become neutral often felt tedious to defend whilst attackers flung themselves on it, frequently resetting the timer back to 30 seconds. The time to become neutral is now 15 seconds, emphasising teamplay over 1-man runs, and time to reset to the spawn point is now 30 seconds, down from a minute.

    +Extended initial round time from 5 to 7 minutes

    The short round timer often didn't provide enough time for teams to score 3 points within the time limit, resulting in frequent stalemates.
    Adding a additional 2 minutes should help, though extra time may be added in future if stalemates persist. If they continue past that, the timer may be removed altogether. (Side note: capturing still adds 5 minutes to the time remaining)

    +Added 'flag returned' voicelines


    +Fixed some miscellaneous bugs
    +Fixed positions of multiple particle effects
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