ironplated 2016-05-17

factory styled KOTH map with a swamp surrounding

  1. Snorremans
    the main things I tried to accomplish with this map is to have an interesting center, this was done by using a lot of flanking routes and by giving the player access to quite a lot of higher ground

    p.s.this is the first map I've created so feedback would be very welcome please don't hold back because it is as important to know your weaknesses as it is to know your strengths. apart from that i hope you will enjoy this KOTH map


    1. koth_ironplated0003.jpg
    2. koth_ironplated0004.jpg
    3. koth_ironplated0005.jpg
    4. koth_ironplated0006.jpg
    5. koth_ironplated0007.jpg
    6. koth_ironplated0008.jpg
    7. koth_ironplated0009.jpg