KotH ironplated 2016-05-17

factory styled KOTH map with a swamp surrounding

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    ironplated - factory styled KOTH map with a swamp surrounding

    the main things I tried to accomplish with this map is to have an interesting center, this was done by using a lot of flanking routes and by giving the player access to quite a lot of higher ground

    p.s.this is the first map I've created so feedback would be very welcome please don't hold back because it is as important to know your weaknesses as it is to know your strengths. apart from that i hope you will enjoy this KOTH map
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    You should get this tested in a gameday, look for gameday threads on the homepage when they appear, and submit your map in them. Or get it tested in an impromptu (imp) by joining our steam group chat and use the bot commands to add your map. When there's enough maps and players, someone will announce an imp and you map will get tested. Game days are scheduled, imps are whenever. Judging by the screenshots, this map doesn't look too bad, but play testing will determine that.
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