Infiltrate A1

Infiltrate a RED base from underneath!

  1. Now with a third capture point!

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    So I finally managed to take this thing into 3cp. Hopefully also with all the changes I made to the second point area it'll actually be possible to cap second without a steamroll. I plan on taking this to imps / gamedays asap, because I really want to know how well / likely poorly it performs with the crazy height advantage RED is getting for the most part. I'll probably end up changing that if it's too bad. Hey, that's what gamedays are for, right?
  2. Tweaks before gameday!

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    Getting some updates in before gameday. There were two things from the imp earlier that I want to see tomorrow:

    • Is Spy too hard to play on this map? If so, how can I fix that?
    • Does the RED spawn door really need to close after A is capped? For tomorrow I'm leaving it closed, but it's something I need to consider after removing the one-way door.
    As for changes in the update I'm pushing here:
    • Removed / reduced the angle on a lot of ramps. Shouldn't have any 45...
  3. What are numbers

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    Updating numbers to be consistent. Also being told I don't need to pack the nav files in. *shrug*
  4. Now with actual gameplay flow(?)!

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    So after the disaster that was yesterday's imp I think I've learned the importance of flank routes. So now, to that extent, there's now a secondary route that goes through the left side to avoid the Choke of Doomâ„¢ ! (Once A is captured)

    20160421133139_1.jpg 20160421133144_1.jpg 20160421133151_1.jpg 20160421133219_1.jpg
    Right now the whole flank is kind of open, not sure how good / bad that is yet.
    The "sniper room" can also now be used as an alternate flank too,...
  5. Incredibly minor update

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    Forgot to put in "final control points" warning for the "last" point, which really doesn't need a whole update post but eh.