hypothermia a9

snowy theme ctf map

  1. brute force

    Mess About
    I hope this version will solve some of the map' major flaws

    - attacking lane layout update to counter over-extending defenders
    - mid height change by 64hu lower than previous version to discourage fighting, with details to make it looks like a sewer-thingy, stay true to its original lore
    - deploy anti-spawncamping strategy: windows, lots of windows
    - improved air duct route, simply because I have too much free time

    new attacker' lane
    ctf_hypothermia_a90000.jpg ...
  2. planned update

    Mess About
    I worked ahead on this version before the playtest, it is not intended to address all the major issues

    spawnroom intel door area update, too many stairs is boring (also make it harder to climb back up)

    add flanking airduct to prevent Soldier or Demo to block attacker' entrance too easily

    add window with shutter in spawn lobby for players inside to peek before going outside (also the vent is visible from mid)...
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  3. ideas come fresh in the morning

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    realization came after a good sleep, rushed to update the map before the playtest

    decluster mid
    update spawnroom
    smooth out displacement

    ctf_hypothermia_a70001.jpg ctf_hypothermia_a70002.jpg

    Intel area
    ctf_hypothermia_a70003.jpg ctf_hypothermia_a70004.jpg
  4. finally figured it out, maybe

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    sometimes you have to kill your babies

    get rid of unnecessary areas
    scale mid down by 384hu, intel area also gets smaller as a result
    rework intel area, move it closer to spawnroom
    spawnroom expanded

    screenshots? what screenshots!?
  5. worth of 4 updates in one

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    I changed the map so much that I can't remember all the details, but still, it's still the same map, just a bit different

    move spawn to mid
    simplify, simplify, simplify
    turn attacker' lobby into one continuous area instead of rooms connected to rooms
    intel area rework
    and some other changes

    screenshots later
  6. big change incoming

    Mess About
    a4 - experiment for upcoming spawnroom relocation and intel area rework
    remove intel flanking route in lobby
    add window on dropdown door
    update lobby layout
    replace broken staircase on mid with non-broken staircase
    remove full healthkit on mid
    some minor detailing

    ctf_hypothermia_a40001.jpg ctf_hypothermia_a40000.jpg
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  7. can't stop making thing asymmetrical

    Mess About
    spawn rework and move forward slightly

    mid improvement:
    displacement rework (slightly scale down & texture painting)
    align 2 mid buildings with asymmetrical brushwork
    add mid bridge support beams and walls to block sightlines, cut mid in half

    ctf_hypothermia_a30000.jpg ctf_hypothermia_a30001.jpg
  8. open up dead ends

    Mess About
    add bridge connect 2 buildings on mid
    simplify lobby leads to intel area
    make all dead ends climbable
    slightly nerf lobby's entrances to intel area