Hollow A6

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Hollow A6

A KOTH map that focuses a bit more on taking the low road.

This is the first map I've ever made for TF2 and it needs MAJOR playtesting.

It's a KOTH map, where the objective is easier to get to, but harder to defend. It also emphasizes the use of both underground and elevated flank routes.

Currently, it's practically entirely dev-textured, but it's practically entirely playable! Really hope somebody uses this in a server someday, so I can get some feedback.

This map uses no custom content (unless you count the ABS pack as custom content).
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. A6 Hotfix

    -Slightly widened the doorways and the balconies connecting the forward-most buildings
  2. A6 Hopefully Fixed Some Shiz

    Changelog: SPAWN CHANGES: -Spawn courtyards are now entirely indoors (visual only) -Spawns now actually make sense (replaced the wonky side exit with a full door) -Spawn doors now have windows -Added a third exit from spawn that goes over the...
  3. A5 Has More Stuff

    Changelog: -New transitional buildings between spawns and yard buildings -Added one-way doors in the very same transitional buildings -Spiral staircase towers closest to the cliff face have been slightly enlargened -Spawn side exits are now...