macherocketbarn A2

Deliver the funny metal to the monkey rocket to launch it out of a silo disguised as a silo.

  1. Mâché
    My first (and probably, only) take on Special Delivery based on one of the first, if not the first TF2 map idea I ever had.

    Logic differences compared to Doomsday:
    -Cut the flag respawn timer in half
    --Soundscript included as a result; removes the "australium will become available in 45 seconds" line
    -Flag has a delay before it can be picked up again at flag spawn
    -Flag has shotclock mode enabled

    20211027234730_1.jpg 20211027234754_1.jpg 20211028001835_1.jpg 20211027234820_1.jpg 20211027234838_1.jpg 20211027234900_1.jpg 20211027234906_1.jpg 20211027234924_1.jpg 20211027235019_1.jpg

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