Outlaw (Stage 1)

Multi Stage Outlaw (Stage 1) a19

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Multi Stage Outlaw (Stage 1) a19

Stage 1: 2cp A/D in a retrofitted Old West town.

This map will be the first stage in a series of three 2cp A/D stages set in an environment reminiscent of Upward, Whiterock, and Coaltown. The map as a whole will revolve around risky but ultimately familiar layout decisions/gimmicks, and will attempt to encourage camaraderie through important gathering areas, purposeful chokes, and somewhat generous health and ammo placement in certain areas.

Stage 1 is set in a Coaltown-esque Old West town that has not been totally abandoned, rather retrofitted for the people of TF2's time period, though the Gravel Wars have certainly put any plans to live/work/tour there on an indefinite hiatus. As an additional gimmick, when Point A is capped, BLU gains the ability to summon a train by touching Point B. This train grants BLU a limited-time shortcut to B from their spawn, which they can also hop on top of to reach the capture zone quicker and gain surprise height advantage over RED. The train will make reappearances in later stages.


Assets Used:
TF2 Emporium Vehicles Pack (steam engine models)

Special Thanks:
Tumby: Helped out when the original vmf became corrupted and we had to decompile, and for figuring oout roughly how to make the train wheels animation and train speed match.
Pont: Provided several useful vmfs for reference as well as convincing me to switch to H++, and helping out with the vmf problem.
Leezo: Fursona cutout model (can you figure out where it's hidden? :3)
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Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. amongoose

    -moved oneway aspect of the underground flank to the end of the tunnel connecting the flank room and train tunnel -added a ledge accessible via the garage between A and B to give BLU better control of that zone -slapped some little plank props on...
  2. Spring Cleaning update(?)

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh -redid the saloon again: removed the whole second floor, yeeted the dropdown into the one-way tunnel and replaced with a much more direct staircase; this should reduce blu getting pulled all over the place and...
  3. Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry™ series

    Changelog: -Added new outdoor flank connecting blue metal building to other side of A -Funny window on A can no longer be moved through (but can still shot through) -Readded one-way element to saloon up at the window -Added health and ammo to...

Latest reviews

Legitimately love this map.
stage 1's second point flank on a19 is a huge improvement. Hope this map gets finished!
fun map, i really like the train idea