Multi Stage High Plains A3_1

Actually trying to make a modern Dustbowl, instead of just editing the old map and calling it "Pro"

  1. A3

    • Replaced dev textures because they were distracting testers; textures FPO
    • Lowered some of the side walls to brighten routes
    • Changed signs pointing to cp6 from decals to models which only enable after cp5 is captured; this fixes confusing signs outside of reds first spawn
    • Reduced height of cliffs outside of blues spawn/reduced size of hill to top of cliff
    • lowered building outcropping to make it easier to rocket jump off of
    • adjusted clips on rock by blues forward spawn...
  2. A2

    • Reduced size of cp6. Redistributed some space to the red's spawn yard.
    • Many new or moved props obstruct sightlines on cp6, and outside of blues first spawn
    • Increased size of staging area for blue on cp5
    • Old forward spawn is now solely blues forward spawn
    • Blue's forward spawn is delayed by five seconds after point 5 capture. Red team's spawn moves immediately
    • Blue team no longer respawns on point capture; only red team does
    • Reworked shape of cp6
    • Adjusted...
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