Multi Stage High Plains A3_1

Actually trying to make a modern Dustbowl, instead of just editing the old map and calling it "Pro"

  1. A3

    • Replaced dev textures because they were distracting testers; textures FPO
    • Lowered some of the side walls to brighten routes
    • Changed signs pointing to cp6 from decals to models which only enable after cp5 is captured; this fixes confusing signs outside of reds first spawn
    • Reduced height of cliffs outside of blues spawn/reduced size of hill to top of cliff
    • lowered building outcropping to make it easier to rocket jump off of
    • adjusted clips on rock by blues forward spawn to better reflect its position
    • widened peaking hallways in blue spawn
    • added door to the back of the flank to prevent players from entering and reaching a dead end before cp5 is captured
    • Moved info_observer_point on cp6
    • Fixed cones disappearing
    • Fixed draw distance on a ledge prop
    • Added audio cue that blues spawn is moving forward
    • Moved the silo on cp6 back slightly
    • Added third door for red to leave their spawn on cp6
    • Lowered the stairs at the begining of the route between cp5 and 6. Changed the shape so that there are two staircases, one on each side of the small balcony.
    • Moved some rocks on the cliffs on cp5 so that rocket jumping soldiers have some cover to sit on
    • Raised the height of the L shaped ledge on the first corner between cp5 and cp6.
    • Moved health kit on the cliff opposite the silo back to blue's side of the wall. Changed to small health kit.
    • Changed silo on cp6; the door is now ground level and faces the point more directly
    • Changed the tunnel flank on cp6 - the flank now connects to health kit building opposite the silo. This keeps the teams from both gaining access to the others second spawn as easily
      • The tunnel favors the attackers, as a spiral staircase near them will give them the high ground. Ideally it will be used as a safe way to retreat, by going into the trench and then escaping through the flank
      • Red can still make the risky move to go through the tunnel, but they won't be as far behind enemy lines as before


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