Multi Stage High Plains A3_1

Actually trying to make a modern Dustbowl, instead of just editing the old map and calling it "Pro"

  1. A2

    • Reduced size of cp6. Redistributed some space to the red's spawn yard.
    • Many new or moved props obstruct sightlines on cp6, and outside of blues first spawn
    • Increased size of staging area for blue on cp5
    • Old forward spawn is now solely blues forward spawn
    • Blue's forward spawn is delayed by five seconds after point 5 capture. Red team's spawn moves immediately
    • Blue team no longer respawns on point capture; only red team does
    • Reworked shape of cp6
    • Adjusted height of routes
    • changed angles of some stairs to help with rocket jumping
    • Changed stairs on flank to be biased toward blue, made flank smaller
    • Some pickups have moved slightly
    • Time to capture points increased. point 5 increased to 6 seconds, point 6 increased to 8 seconds
    • Set blue team respawn wave to 1 second on point 5, 2 seconds on point 6
    • Set red team respawn wave to 5 seconds on point 5, 8 seconds on point 6
    • Added window to blues spawn on cp5
    • Added windows to door inside blues spawn on 5cp
    • Added proper setup gates for blues spawn
    • Added new forward spawn for red between the two control points
    • Added finale on red win
    • Added basic textures to reduce amount of dev textures used
    • Added lights to some dark areas
    • Added door to flank point 6; door opens when cp5 is captured
    • Added red team door to access the silo on point 6
    • Added signage and patches under pickups
    They're are probably more changes which I forgot or was too tired to document.


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