High and Low-Yabayabayaba 2018-07-14

View the senic beauty of this railroad mountain pass

  1. Yabayabayaba
    My first detail map, and submission to the High and Low map contest! Special thanks to these custom content creators:
    • Nixon-distant rumble skybox
    • Gadget-curved rails
    • SiniStarR-skybox pine trees
    • treythepunkid-wavy wind cloth
    Take these photos and enjoy!
    20180714150340_1.jpg 20180714150415_1.jpg 20180714150811_1.jpg 20180714150804_1.jpg 20180714150349_1.jpg 20180714150824_1.jpg 20180714150832_1.jpg 20180714150729_1.jpg 20180714150744_1.jpg