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  1. Yabayabayaba

    High and Low-Yabayabayaba 2018-07-14

    My first detail map, and submission to the High and Low map contest! Special thanks to these custom content creators: Nixon-distant rumble skybox Gadget-curved rails SiniStarR-skybox pine trees treythepunkid-wavy wind cloth Take these photos and enjoy!
  2. Yabayabayaba

    ctf_mailcar a7

    capture the point and take the flag into the enemies mail chute! Credit where it is Due! Deora2dude, Stev Prat in the Hat - Steam Engine PRR T1! Cinnamon - Hudson Locomotive! Boomsta, Noizeblaze - Diesel TRain! Boomsta - Train Liner! A Boojum Snark - ABS ultimate resource pack! Aeon 'Void'...