Chase a5

Killer robots are in hot pursuit of your bombs! Can you protect them?

  1. Yabayabayaba
    Your cargo truck full of high explosives is being chased by robots! Can you defend against the hot pursuit?

    A collaboration with RC+

    -dynamic carriers!
    -dynamic scenery!
    -death pit action!
    -2 secrets!
    -Beginner and Advanced popfiles
    - and more!

    known issues
    -some clipping is bad
    -skybox has a few seams
    -robots tend to walk off edges and do strange things

    20170715212850_1.jpg 20170715212920_1.jpg 20170715212934_1.jpg 20170715213006_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. actualy works
  2. just in time!
  3. Contest Ready!

Recent Reviews

  1. Asdf
    Version: b1
    lots of errors, and i crashed after 5 minutes.
    otherwise, great map :)