high and low

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  1. gamerchungus27

    koth_canary a1

    Welcome to the abandoned coal mines of New Mexico! Here you'll enter into the mines, and be able to go down through the abandoned shafts of the mines to capture the objective. (Currently still graybox as I am still balancing the map)
  2. Yabayabayaba

    High and Low-Yabayabayaba 2018-07-14

    My first detail map, and submission to the High and Low map contest! Special thanks to these custom content creators: Nixon-distant rumble skybox Gadget-curved rails SiniStarR-skybox pine trees treythepunkid-wavy wind cloth Take these photos and enjoy!
  3. Simulacron

    highandlow2018_simulacron 2018-07-12

    My entry for the highandlow-Contest 2018. Credits: Overgrown Assets made by Pear and Crash: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/overgrown-prop-pack.4179/ Frontline Assets: http://frontline.tf/
  4. Aapelikaeki

    High And Low 2018 - Aapelikaeki Final

    Aapelikaeki's High and Low 2018 entry. A tall technological BLU base near the ocean with clean corridoors and messy construction sites and server rooms. Credits Freecity Texture Pack https://gamebanana.com/textures/download/3820 Construction Theme Pack...
  5. squ1rrel

    High and Low - Squ1rrel 2018-07-08

    Stationed on a bleak isle: A weathered lighthouse with a tragic existence... Thanks to the Swamp and Bulletcrops team for the custom assets!