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Haybale 1.0

Made by EArkham

  1. EArkham

    Team Fortress 2 Model: Haybale, Round (Haybarrel)
    Release: 07-29-2010
    Author: EArkham

    * screenshot_haybale.jpg

    * haybale_README.txt

    * models/earkham/props_farm/haybale_round.mdl
    * models/earkham/props_farm/haybale_round.dx80.vtx
    * models/earkham/props_farm/haybale_round.dx90.vtx
    * models/earkham/props_farm/haybale_round.phy
    * models/earkham/props_farm/haybale_round.sw.vtx
    * models/earkham/props_farm/haybale_round.vvd
    * models/earkham/props_farm/haybale_round.jpg

    * materials/models/earkham/props_farm/haybarrel001.vmt
    * materials/models/earkham/props_farm/haybarrel001.vtf
    * materials/models/earkham/props_farm/haybarrel002.vmt
    * materials/models/earkham/props_farm/haybarrel002.vtf


    * ~1100 polys
    * LODs of ~700 @ 40m, ~350 @ 60m
    * Textures are 1024x1024 w/ alpha

    Unzip this archive to the "SteamApps\[USERNAME]\team fortress 2\tf\" directory and content should be placed automatically.

    This is an original model created with XSI Mod Tool, Sculptris, and Adobe Photoshop CS.


    You are free to use this in any Team Fortress 2 map, including contest-related maps (if contest rules allow custom content).

    Do not modify or redistribute without asking me first.

    Please give credit as: EArkham

    Thanks, and I hope folks find this useful! [​IMG]


    1. screenshot_haybale_N8G.jpg