Hardwood A30a

Also not an innuendo

  1. Beta soon?

    I'm thinking of pushing the map into beta soon so feedback on that is neat and welcomed

    This update brings:
    *Changes to the A-B connectors:
    -*Fixed some clipping allowing people to avoid a deathpit death
    -*Moved some health around to be more blu sided, added a small pickup set + changed a small health to a medium
    -*Added a new way past the main sightline route so red can't hold as well in the area
    *Fixed minor clipping and visual issues around A
    *Disabled the old resupply trigger and respawnroom when A is capped
    *Fixed small things around the map like patches not being centred
    *Probably some small issues I've forgotten
    As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
    Screenshots as of A29:
    cp_hardwood_a290002.png cp_hardwood_a290000.png cp_hardwood_a290003.png cp_hardwood_a290001.png
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