Hardwood A37

Also not an innuendo

  1. Medium sized changes to C

    *Removed 2nd lower door, moved door further back (now it's flush with the inner edge of the balcony) - the lower C door is now less exposed and snipers have to go slightly more into last to get a sightline

    *Changed geo of balcony area - the left route is now flush with it to allow for easier rotation back onto the balcony, the roof over that area has been lowered, the large column has been made flush with the central staircase up
    *Widened the left route,...
  2. minor pre-beta changes

    This minor update brings:
    *Increased blu respawnwavetime by 2 seconds for C
    *Removed the pillar on C
    *Reduced red respawnwavetime by 1 second

    Working on hardwood_b1 currently, just want to put these small changes out to reflect how it'll be in the beta and see if they affect blu rolling last so often. I may have to change up respawnwavetimes a little more later on, if this doesn't help enough.
    Geo in the lobby area of C will also change slightly, I hope it doesn't affect things too much
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  3. Misc small changes

    People seem to really enjoy the map, I'm quite happy with it too. This update is mostly small tweaks, could probably pass for an a35a tbh.

    *Widened lower doorway in pre-C lobby (right one) and right C->B doorway

    *Brightened up some areas around B and C

    *Clipped some walls/lips around B

    *moved the tree in front of the A forward + added a sign, hopefully players are lead past A more? I might move the spawndoor a little if this isn't enough

    I'll fix up any graphical issues like skybox...
  4. Small changes to last and A

    *Changed some clipping across the map

    *Lowered the amount of ammo on the A lowground to help against sentries there - they had two mediums very close together to survive off of

    *Made the left balcony on C wider
    *Gave more space to the right attacking route
    *Added railings on the right route exit so defenders can't storm it and hold it easily
    *Made the left sentry spot weaker by reducing the space and amount of cover available

    *Probably some other changes I'm forgetting

    Designing blu...
  5. Misc changes + new C entrances

    It's been nearly 2 months since the last update, wow

    *Remade C entrances + geo in the C room
    *Added a skybox wall across the structures around A to stop the whole map rendering at once, hopefully this helps with performance a little
    *Added a few more trees
    *Fixed weird clipping/rendering issues
    *Probably other things I've forgotten, I've not touched this in a while because I just lost motivation whenever I opened the VMF. After finishing misc fixes on the feedback page I couldn't bring...
  6. Small tweaks again, last has bigger changes though

    This update brings:
    *Added a staircase up from the right-side dropdown on C (blu view) for a more direct way to the point
    *Slightly shrunk cover on C for the full ammo pack platform
    *Added a 1 way door to the left dropdown exit
    *Made 1 way glass 2 way
    *Fixed a railing going through a wall
    *Made more clear that an indoor platform couldn't be reached (pre C)
    *Redid geometry on right of red's last spawn to make it clearer there's an exit there, + moved spawnpoints to a more central spot...
  7. Tiny update

    This update brings:
    *Fixed a stuck spot
    *Fixed some weird clipping
    *Fixed some lighting on rocks

    Those are the only changes for now
  8. Smaller misc changes

    This update brings:
    *Added more cover for red on last, on defensive spots
    *Made the dropdown route penetrate further into C (now under the point)
    *Reworked weird staircase in pre-C area
    *Fixed clipping in C (doorway, perch spot) (ty racoons and hubert cumberdale)
    *Partially divided the large area into 2 (pre-C) and made it slightly shorter
    *Moved skybox rocks up so they appear larger
    *Moved health outside of blu's 2nd forward at B (and made smaller)
    *Signed red's B->A route a bit better,...
  9. Skybox + C changes

    Back after a month or so!
    This update brings:
    *Basic 3D skybox on the blu spawn/B point vista
    *Merged the pre-C rooms into one, made the geometry *slightly* less awkward
    *Made it so that red has a harder time pushing into the room that blu holds from - now the staircase on the left side of C (blu approach) is a dropdown, and is on slightly lower ground than the large ledge that blu has. Red's only entrance to this area is the large, fairly exposed main entrance to C now, and a proper blu...
  10. small update

    This small update brings:
    *Made last even thinner
    *Added more ammo for defenders on last
    *Fixed some minor clipping issues
    *Added boards on glass at B so it's more obviously glass
    *Fixed a missing respawnroom
    *Maybe one or two other things I'm forgetting? Sort of at a loss of what to do atm though in terms of improving the layout
    *Cleared up some dead space around last

    I'd post some screenshots of the minor changes if I had the motivation