Hardwood A22a

Also not an innuendo

  1. slartis is dumb

    why does it only compile LDR if the HDR box is checked
  2. cool stuff for C and the rest of the map!!

    This update brings:
    *A really big truck
    *Better lighting in the A-B connector
    *More signs
    *Cooler blu entrances to C - wider lower entrance and better middle entrance + top entrance
    *Made a health smaller at A
    *Fixed clipping at A
    *Added an A crouch jump onto the red highground, for blu
    *Made ramp onto red highground (red approach) larger to incentivise going up there
    *Made 1 way glass on B 2 ways
    *Added some cover + ammo on the red highground at B
    *Made C's upper area a bit thinner and made...
  3. Cool important things

    This update brings:
    *Changed the values of some pickups and moved a lot around to make them far more obvious (I hope)
    *Changed blu entrances into B slightly
    *Changed A-B connector in regards to the height elevation and cover
    *Removed the red bridge by A
    *Blu now has a lot less cover at A
    *Moved blu's original spawn respawnroom visualiser further up
    *Moved blu's 2nd forward spawn so it's facing towards C more
    *Changed the lower route into C so hopefully blu has a harder time sneaking past...
  4. B harder to attack, A and C easier?

    This update brings:
    *Made B harder to attack by giving red a proper sentry spot - a new platform where the nobuilt block was
    *Made the doorway at A's house roof wider slightly
    *Removed blu's highground fence at C and replaced with a handrail, so now the highground has an actual use instead of being a pointless dropdown
    *Changed the centrifuges into models to hopefully solve a cutlinked list overflow error
    *Lowered C slightly and clipped the lip (sorry psy)
    *Moved a pickup at C
    *Clipped some...
  5. Making points harder to defend

    This update brings:
    *Changes to the post A and A areas so that blu must go up an incline after A, and has a harder time getting onto red's highground
    *Blu highground on C isn't as good now
    *Blu has less of an area from which they can shoot red sentries on C
    *Moved C's full ammo more to the centre
    *Probably more changes I'm forgetting

    Later, I'll fix the blu forwards and such. Just want to get this down first based on wilson's advice on the points
  6. Things

    This update brings:
    *C point area is now better
    *Blu now has another entrance in
    *Removed water at B
    *Fixed planaria pickup
    *Added junk on A roof
    *Added A vista back
    *Misc small changes
    *Probably some other things that I don't remember
    Does anyone ever actually read these

    Screenshots of A and C:
    cp_hardwood_a180002.png cp_hardwood_a180001.png
  7. Small update

    This update brings:
    *Wider little platform beside C
    *Spawn dropdown no longer a dropdown
    *Fixed blu spawn windows
    *Fixed a railing missing clippings
    *Fixed hole in geometry
    *Made a room smaller so it's not a deadend
    *Added a little lighting
    *Fixed red last spawn not working properly
    *Probably some other things

    Hopefully this plays well..not sure what to think of the new C
  8. it's back!!

    The first update in 3 months, this brings:
    *Made B bigger
    *Remade C
    *Changed A->B connectors slightly
    *Every point now has a skylight illuminating it!
    *Removed some pickups
    *Lots of other small changes I don't remember because it's been forever since I last touched it

    (finally) Screenshots as of A16:
    cp_hardwood_a160003.png cp_hardwood_a160006.png cp_hardwood_a160004.png cp_hardwood_a160005.png
  9. Quick update

    No changes that should concern anyone -
  10. Changes to B again!

    This update brings:
    *Widened the main path to B
    *Fixed some stairs near B
    *Added health before B
    *Brightened some areas up
    *Adjusted clipping around the map
    *Added a grate + pulled back the wall on blu highground at C
    *Sunk holographic signs into the ground slightly so stickies can't be hidden in them
    *Fixed some broken patches
    *Fixed some visible nodraw
    *Some misc changes that I don't want to list here because they're so minor

    As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated - I am...