Hardwood A27

Also not an innuendo

  1. More C changes

    Maybe C can be capped now
    This update brings:
    *Made height advantage at C lesser
    *Added a new blu route up onto C
    *Made it so the B-C connectors are more blu sided
    *Added a sign at B so red doesn't go into a deadend room
    *Made it clearer you can't get onto the balcony on the A-B connectors
    *Moved moneyface from the edge
    *Stopped props floating
    *Removed some resupply signs for blu's first forward, to hopefully stop red being confused
    *Increased timer by a minute - ABP I sort of agree with...
  2. Smaller update

    This is focused on making B a bit easier to cap
    *Blu highground in the B left connector is a little better
    *Blu health in the structure before B has been moved
    *The (blu) left doorway into the main area for B has been removed to hopefully focus players more into the other routes
    *Broke a sightline from the B connector into red highground at A so now blu players might have a better chance once they're in that room - getting into it is still a bit hard though, might have to widen the doorwayas...
  3. Wow more remade points

    A25 and I've remade a lot of the map again!! Maybe by A60 I'll have gotten a fun B point as well.
    The new C point is based around a beta racetrack calutron instead of gas centrifuges, I felt like this allows for more interesting gameplay spaces. Both the new B and C are a lot more open now and gameplay spaces a lot more 'airy' in the C area, and B is outdoors now because it's prettier

    This update brings:
    *Remade B and C points due to deeply ingrained issues with the core design of them...
  4. A is better I hope

    This update brings:
    *Made A wider, changed both blu and red routing into the area. Hopefully this works to eliminate red's only valid holding spot being the balcony + only one of blu's routes really mattering. Also gives blu a proper flank to the balcony sentry that they can use to destroy it from a distance a little more easily
    cp_hardwood_a240002.png cp_hardwood_a240000.png
    *Moved blu's first forward spawn back
    *Nobuild computers on B
    *Moved a doorway on B + added cover to block a nasty...
  5. very important

    I made moneyface spawn in the floor :(
  6. Small again

    This update brings:
    *Swapped around the highground and lowground states of the A entrance routes + added a little cover nook for blu attackers. Should make it harder for red to camp if blu can coordinate their attacks, the balcony watching over the main blu entrance is very exposed against the highground entrance that blu has into the area
    cp_hardwood_a230001.png cp_hardwood_a230000.png
    *Added more health before C
    *removed one way gate at C - red players felt boxed in, maybe being...
  7. slartis is dumb

    why does it only compile LDR if the HDR box is checked
  8. cool stuff for C and the rest of the map!!

    This update brings:
    *A really big truck
    *Better lighting in the A-B connector
    *More signs
    *Cooler blu entrances to C - wider lower entrance and better middle entrance + top entrance
    *Made a health smaller at A
    *Fixed clipping at A
    *Added an A crouch jump onto the red highground, for blu
    *Made ramp onto red highground (red approach) larger to incentivise going up there
    *Made 1 way glass on B 2 ways
    *Added some cover + ammo on the red highground at B
    *Made C's upper area a bit thinner and made...
  9. Cool important things

    This update brings:
    *Changed the values of some pickups and moved a lot around to make them far more obvious (I hope)
    *Changed blu entrances into B slightly
    *Changed A-B connector in regards to the height elevation and cover
    *Removed the red bridge by A
    *Blu now has a lot less cover at A
    *Moved blu's original spawn respawnroom visualiser further up
    *Moved blu's 2nd forward spawn so it's facing towards C more
    *Changed the lower route into C so hopefully blu has a harder time sneaking past...
  10. B harder to attack, A and C easier?

    This update brings:
    *Made B harder to attack by giving red a proper sentry spot - a new platform where the nobuilt block was
    *Made the doorway at A's house roof wider slightly
    *Removed blu's highground fence at C and replaced with a handrail, so now the highground has an actual use instead of being a pointless dropdown
    *Changed the centrifuges into models to hopefully solve a cutlinked list overflow error
    *Lowered C slightly and clipped the lip (sorry psy)
    *Moved a pickup at C
    *Clipped some...