Hardwood A30a

Also not an innuendo

  1. small update

    This small update brings:
    *Made last even thinner
    *Added more ammo for defenders on last
    *Fixed some minor clipping issues
    *Added boards on glass at B so it's more obviously glass
    *Fixed a missing respawnroom
    *Maybe one or two other things I'm forgetting? Sort of at a loss of what to do atm though in terms of improving the layout
    *Cleared up some dead space around last

    I'd post some screenshots of the minor changes if I had the motivation
  2. By 'soon' I meant beta may come at around a40/50. Still relatively soon given this is now A30!

    This update brings:
    *Changed blu's route into C on the right, now penetrates further, allows red to set up a sentry on the path there for better coverage of the main routes. The old route also meant that no one ever used the other routes as they had no benefits
    *Raised red's ground on B so they can properly defend + removed blu's cover
    *Moved ammo on B to more visible places
    *Moved tree in A->B connector to better emphasise the side flank for blu
    *Changed red highground on A, strengthens the...
  3. Beta soon?

    I'm thinking of pushing the map into beta soon so feedback on that is neat and welcomed

    This update brings:
    *Changes to the A-B connectors:
    -*Fixed some clipping allowing people to avoid a deathpit death
    -*Moved some health around to be more blu sided, added a small pickup set + changed a small health to a medium
    -*Added a new way past the main sightline route so red can't hold as well in the area
    *Fixed minor clipping and visual issues around A
    *Disabled the old resupply trigger and...
  4. Fixing thing???

    Stank bug causing crashes, maybe this will fix it
    idk what's actually causing the bug though so it's a shot in the dark
  5. Wow nearly a month since the last update

    I've been feeling burned out on everything, maybe torrid/tarpit updates soon???
    anyway this update brings:
    *Updated clipping
    *Despaghettified the blu structure just before B
    *Made the blu approach to B shorter, the blu approach to C a lot shorter
    *Made C somewhat thinner and a bit shorter too
    *Changed the C dropdown to a staircase
    *Made the C lobby thinner
    *Changed red's A spawn and blu's C spawn to be less awkward
    *Removed dropdown route to B for blu
    *Probably more changes I'm forgetting...
  6. More C changes

    Maybe C can be capped now
    This update brings:
    *Made height advantage at C lesser
    *Added a new blu route up onto C
    *Made it so the B-C connectors are more blu sided
    *Added a sign at B so red doesn't go into a deadend room
    *Made it clearer you can't get onto the balcony on the A-B connectors
    *Moved moneyface from the edge
    *Stopped props floating
    *Removed some resupply signs for blu's first forward, to hopefully stop red being confused
    *Increased timer by a minute - ABP I sort of agree with...
  7. Smaller update

    This is focused on making B a bit easier to cap
    *Blu highground in the B left connector is a little better
    *Blu health in the structure before B has been moved
    *The (blu) left doorway into the main area for B has been removed to hopefully focus players more into the other routes
    *Broke a sightline from the B connector into red highground at A so now blu players might have a better chance once they're in that room - getting into it is still a bit hard though, might have to widen the doorwayas...
  8. Wow more remade points

    A25 and I've remade a lot of the map again!! Maybe by A60 I'll have gotten a fun B point as well.
    The new C point is based around a beta racetrack calutron instead of gas centrifuges, I felt like this allows for more interesting gameplay spaces. Both the new B and C are a lot more open now and gameplay spaces a lot more 'airy' in the C area, and B is outdoors now because it's prettier

    This update brings:
    *Remade B and C points due to deeply ingrained issues with the core design of them...
  9. A is better I hope

    This update brings:
    *Made A wider, changed both blu and red routing into the area. Hopefully this works to eliminate red's only valid holding spot being the balcony + only one of blu's routes really mattering. Also gives blu a proper flank to the balcony sentry that they can use to destroy it from a distance a little more easily
    cp_hardwood_a240002.png cp_hardwood_a240000.png
    *Moved blu's first forward spawn back
    *Nobuild computers on B
    *Moved a doorway on B + added cover to block a nasty...
  10. very important

    I made moneyface spawn in the floor :(